Oct 2013: Secure A Ship are pleased to announce that our sister company Sentinel Secure Solutions will be providing our clients with Close Protection Officers and Body Guards

Sentinel Secure Solutions offer a bespoke, discreet, dedicated and professionally proficient service to suit your requirements.


What ever your security needs Sentinel Secure Solutions are able to offer a range of protection services second to none. We pride ourselves on using the highest calibre of Close Protection Operatives who are are fully licensed by the SIA.

About Us

Sentinel Secure Solutions provide teams or individuals who have served within the British Special Forces, Specialist Military Units and all have a Professional Mixed Martial Arts background. We bring a wide depth of knowledge and broad experience, which is applied, in all aspects to achieve our goals.


Our Close Protection Officers and Body Guards are fully qualified and experienced (Male and or female) officers.

All Body Guards, Close Protection Officers or Close Protection Officer teams are tailored to the Clients situation, personal preference and itinerary.

Our Clients can be assured of their Body Guards or Close Protection Officer’s confidence, diligence and professionalism.

Your personnel Body Guard or Close Protection Officers are highly trained to protect you from: theft, assault, kidnapping, homicide, harassment, confidential information theft, threats, or other criminal offences.

Our Specialist Drivers are trained in advanced and evasive driving techniques.

Your personnel Body Guard or Close Protection Officers will have advanced medical training to provide immediate medical care in the unlikely event of injury or perhaps a fall on the slopes!

We pride ourselves in the reliability, honesty and integrity of our Body Guards and Close Protection Officers.

They always carry out their work with enthusiasm, respect and discretion.

Note: Our Close Protection Officers hold a SIA level 3 licence in Close Protection.

What we do best

The cornerstone to running a client’s Personal security is planning and preparation, coupled with good situation awareness. Whether in routine daily life situations, local or overseas travel, VIP events or a trip to the park with your family, your Body Guard or Close Protection Officers will assess risks in a number of ways including:

Intelligence reports
Background checks
Route selection
Deployment of teams

Our Officers and Body Guards assess the threat from three perspectives

1. Threat awareness

2. Threat evaluation

3. Threat avoidance

We integrate methods of personal protection, leading technology and industry best practices to deliver intelligent security risk management solutions. Our Close Protection Officers have 24/7 access to the latest intelligence reports and relevant information allowing them to ensure they stay one step ahead of any potential threats, issues or problems.

Our client protection teams can be deployed anywhere around the world as individuals or as a team providing 24/7 protection.

Our team can organise your travel plans ensuring protection from door to door.

Secure a Ship & Sentinel Secure Solutions prides itself on delivering first class protection.


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