Our training is highly realistic and practical in nature ensuring our security operatives remain at their peak.  We ensure our teams are highly trained and are able to teach the fundamentals to your crew.

Security Procedures – We teach personal security procedures and techniques enabling effective vessel security.

Security Awareness – All aspects of vessel & client security.

Counter Piracy – Crew training in piracy tactics and effective counter measures. We also provide informative training for the Captain in counter piracy measures and drills to be adopted.

Pirate Resolution – How to act and react if hijacked.

Self Defence – Crew training in basic self defence.

Secure a Ship (SaS) has the experience and capability to provide Coastal Protection Training for government agencies using a combination of planning and research which ensures that all training is relevant and gives the student the necessary skills required to combat the piracy threat.

Our Training Team consisting of former Special Forces soldiers all come with specific skills and instructional capabilities especially linked to Maritime Security.