Secure a Ship became the first PMSC to be accredited with ISO28007-1:2015 certification.

The revised ISO28007 certification gives us a competitive edge against other PMSC’s and shows our dedication towards excellence. Certification gives us (and our customers, trading partners and other key stakeholders) confidence that we have addressed all external and internal issues relating to our company.

ISO PAS:28007 was published in 2012 due to rapid growth in the number of maritime security companies and the implications of using PCASP (legal issues, safety concerns for seafarers and varying national regulations).

ISO PAS:28007 gives guidelines containing additional sector-specific requirements, which PMSCs wishing to comply with ISO 28000 can implement to demonstrate that they provide appropriate PCASP services on board ships. Compliance to the ISO:28007 specification demonstrated by ISO 28000 certification.

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More information about the ISO PAS 28007 criteria is available on the ISO website here.

Compliance and International Law
Compliance with the important international laws protects your company’s reputation. SECURE A SHIP recognises the different laws of Flag States, Coastal States, International Maritime Law, and guidance from agencies such as IMO, UKMTO and National Governments.

The Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, United Nations Working Group guidance to Private Maritime Security Companies, and IMO guidance have been incorporated into our standard operating procedures.

SECURE A SHIP complies with all relevant laws and Codes of Practice:

UK Open General Trade Control Licence (anti-Piracy)
International Code of Conduct for Private Security Services Providers (ICOC-PSSP)
The Voluntary Principles
The United Nations Basic Principles on the Use of Force & Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials (1990).
International Code of Conduct for Private Security Companies
Montreux Document
International Maritime Law
National Territorial Maritime Laws
The laws of Flag and Coastal States
The IMO Guidance to PMSC and Best Management Practice (BMP 4)