Port Louis, Mauritius — The Puntland government signed an agreement with Mauritius to temporarily hold inmates convicted of piracy until Puntland detention facilities meet the international standard, Radio Garowe reports. Saeed Mohamed Ragge, Minister of Ports, Sea Transport and Counter Piracy for Puntland met with Prime Minister of Mauritius, Navinchandra Ramgoolam and various Mauritanian government officials. Minister Ragge’s delegation included Puntland Chief of Corrections Officers, Gen. Ali Nuur Omar. The purpose of the meeting was to reach an agreement on how convicted pirates captured at sea would be incarcerated and for how long. After a long closed door meeting with the Prime Minister both government officials reached an agreement for tried and convicted pirates to be jailed in Mauritius until the facilities reach the UN standard. The agreement says that the convicted pirates will finish there sentences in their land after the Puntland government has constructed proper facilities to house the convicted pirates. The meeting was also attended by Legal Adviser of Denmark on piracy off the coast of Somalia Thomas Winkler and officials from UN Office for Drugs and Crime, who are currently working with Puntland and Mauritius to improve the quality of detention facilities. The Mauritius government agreed to help improve the quality of Puntland corrections facilities through funding by the UN and the international community. There are hundreds of Somali pirates that are jailed in countries across the world due partly to the lack of quality detention facilities according to international standards. Mauritius signed an agreement with the EU last July to house convicted Somali pirates.

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