Secure A Ship are pleased to announce we are on the approved list of suppliers of maritime security for Luxembourg Flagged Vessels.

Accreditation of a maritime company!

Secure A Ship were delighted to meet with the relevant authorities in Luxembourg where the agreement was declared!

Any maritime company that establishes an office in Luxembourg must, before commencing its activities be accredited by the Minister.

Accreditation may only be given to companies whose business is the buying and selling, the chartering in and the chartering out, and the management of seagoing ships, as well as the financial and commercial operations that relate directly or indirectly to such activities.
In cases where the company is made up of a natural person, he or she shall be subject to the accreditation conditions set out in Articles 132 and 133.
Any maritime company seeking accreditation must by convention, secure the services of a person or legal entity to fulfil the duties of the company’s manager. Before starting to discharge these managerial duties, the manager appointed must have been accredited by the Minister.

The provisions of the preceding indent shall not be applicable if the company in question is in fact an individual person to whom accreditation is granted in his or her own right.
The power of attorney given to the manager should state in unambiguous terms the powers that have been conferred upon him or her.