An interesting week on the water. We begin with the main news, which is the end of NATO’s Operation Ocean Shield, the anti-piracy operation in the Indian Ocean. While NATO only maintained a couple of vessels in the region, their withdrawal will certainly be felt by shipping at a time when new threats have emerged in the region. It remains to be seen whether a reduced naval presence will embolden the local pirates and criminals.

Staying in the region, Kenyan security officials are boosting coastal security in the wake of threats from al Shabaab terrorists to kidnap tourists. Previously, Somali pirates had kidnapped foreign nationals from resorts such as Lamu.
Closer to home, it has emerged that the British Royal Navy isn’t just short on firepower, it’s sorely lacking in platforms, too. It’s all a little embarrassing, really.

Iran, meanwhile, is busy building new naval bases on its coast. That will certainly please the US and Saudi Arabia…

In West Africa, the Nigerian Navy has ended an operation in the Delta, only to see a spate of incidents occur the moment they turned their backs. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Finally, in Southeast Asia, the German man kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf Group terrorists has made a video pleading for his ransom to be paid, while various people affiliated with the group have made demands for payment. Our thoughts are with him and his family.

David Rider

A piracy alert has been raised by the Maritime Security Centre.
Date of alert : November 22, 2015
Alert type : Hijacked Vessel
Location : Somali Basin
Latitude : 06.16N
Longitude : 053.30E
Alert number 001/2015.
At 1105Z UTC/22NOV/a fishing vessel was hijacked by pirates in position 0616N 053.30E.

Secure A Ship are pleased to announce that we are on the approved list of suppliers of maritime security for Cyprus Flagged Vessels.

We have a strong relationship with the Department of Merchant Shipping in Cyprus and with their help can react to a request for security within hours.

Please don’t send incomplete applications as it will be deleted and not considered.

3. ENG 1
5. CRB (this needs to be dated within the last 6 months), Enhanced CRB is preferred
6. CV (updated and sent in WORD)
12. STCW 95 (all 4 parts)
13. MSO (City & Guilds Level 3)
14. FPOSi/Trauma Medic Course
15. SSO/PDSD (preferred)
16. Proven Operational experience within the past 6 years
17. Frontline experienced Soldiers ONLY!

N.B. If you’ve had a recent Drugs & Alcohol Test done please send this through.

Send to

27/09/2014: We received a distress alert on HF radio @ 21:38 UTC of a vessel under attack in position 12°49’N 043°13’E and again @ 22:36 UTC from the same vessel in position 13°03’N 043°05’E (Bab EL Mandeb).
More info to follow

As one of the leading global providers of private maritime security services, Secure A Ship has protected hundreds of vessels transiting through, and servicing offshore installations, in renowned high-risk areas (HRAs) around the world.

In 2013 Secure A Ship grew by 70%.

In 2013, the number of secured transits conducted by Secure A Ship, using both armed and unarmed security consultants (West Africa), was 90% up on previous records.

Secure A Ship’s Managing Director, Paul Maguire said:

“I am delighted with our company achievements in such a competitive industry. Our high standards, the professionalism and dedication of our people, combined with our client relationships and ability to adapt to any circumstances has resulted in the growth of our company. Although pirate attacks have fallen in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden, and there have been no incidents of pirates taking a vessel hostage since May 2012, we are still very conscious there is a latent threat. We at Secure A Ship continue to adjust to the changes in the market to provide a safe pair of hands for our clients.”

“I must reiterate that clients and our strive for perfection is at the forefront of any decisions we make.”

Secure A Ship recently gained accreditation to work on Cyprus, Panama & Luxembourg Flagged vessels which adds to our growing list of accreditations.

SECURE A SHIP has secured private equity investment from a UK investor to facilitate further expansion in its key business areas.

The investment will enable more rapid organic growth, and allow the company to take advantage of opportunities being afforded to it as a result of its strong market standing.

Managing Director Paul Maguire said: “This investment will be used to grow the company into what everyone is expecting, and that is the Number 1 security provider in the world. As all other security providers fall to the wayside by huge overheads Secure A Ship has a formula that sees cost savings delivered to clients”.

28 June 2014 – TORM Sofia succeeded in deterring a suspicious
approach to the vessel by a group of pirates in the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea. There were
no injuries to crew, vessel, environment or cargo.

Please get in touch with Secure A Ship for more information.

Secure A Ship are pleased to announce new offices opening in Banbury.

Our Trg Centre (52/54 Oxford Road) will remain up and running to conduct screening, vetting, MSO/TL refresher training yet the main hub of the business will be moving to the below address as of 9th June 2014:

South Court – Hardwick Business Park
Noral Way
OX16 2AF
United Kingdom
+44 1295 254252

Secure A Ship are pleased to announce we are on the approved list of suppliers of maritime security for Luxembourg Flagged Vessels.

Accreditation of a maritime company!

Secure A Ship were delighted to meet with the relevant authorities in Luxembourg where the agreement was declared!

Any maritime company that establishes an office in Luxembourg must, before commencing its activities be accredited by the Minister.

Accreditation may only be given to companies whose business is the buying and selling, the chartering in and the chartering out, and the management of seagoing ships, as well as the financial and commercial operations that relate directly or indirectly to such activities.
In cases where the company is made up of a natural person, he or she shall be subject to the accreditation conditions set out in Articles 132 and 133.
Any maritime company seeking accreditation must by convention, secure the services of a person or legal entity to fulfil the duties of the company’s manager. Before starting to discharge these managerial duties, the manager appointed must have been accredited by the Minister.

The provisions of the preceding indent shall not be applicable if the company in question is in fact an individual person to whom accreditation is granted in his or her own right.
The power of attorney given to the manager should state in unambiguous terms the powers that have been conferred upon him or her.