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 PHONE: +441295 254252


Secure a Ship Ltd provides maritime security solutions in the designated High Risk Areas throughout the Gulf of Aden, East and West African coastlines, Indian Ocean, Gulf of Oman and the Red Sea.


We can provide a range of security related services including: Armed security teams, security management, risk assessments and analysis, security surveys and maritime security training.
We offer a tiered security provision so clients can choose exactly the right team to suit their needs.

• Panama, Cyprus & Luxembourg accredited
• ISO 28007 & ISO 9001 certified
• Level 1 Certified Member of SAMI
• Tier 1 Exxon certified
• Members of Security in Complex Environments Group (SCEG) of ADS
• Signatories of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Companies (ICoC)
• 24/7 Operations Room
• Fully licensed by the UK Government
• 60+ transits per month
• British or International Teams available

Our teams are hand picked for their Military experience and experience gained working in Maritime Security; they are fully qualified to meet IMO standards and are all fully accredited by the Panama Maritime Authority.

All our services are delivered in accordance with the International Shipping and Ports Security Code (ISPS) and the 4th edition of Best Management Practices (BMP4).

We offer a cost effective solution across a wide spectrum of Maritime services and can be on task within 18hrs.

Other services include Super yacht protection, threat analysis and intelligence.